children playing soccer

It’s no mystery that education is a pivotal part in the development of children.

According to UNICEF, approximately 30 percent of children in Haiti attending primary school will not make it to the third grade, with 60 percent abandoning school before the sixth grade.

This poses an issue for Haiti as these children will inevitably grow up and become primary influencers in their nation’s economic and social growth. Osners foundation hopes to remedy these issues through its education programs and the use of its athletic academy.

Osners Athletic Academy serves as both a school and recreational center. Not operating as a traditional school, the Athletic Academy uses sports, particularly soccer, as a means to educate children. They are educated on the basics, history and fundamentals of soccer, in addition to being trained on the field to utilize skills and techniques that can be applied to both sports and life.

In addition to our Athletic Academy, Osners foundation also aims to provide the funding to send children to school. While our tutoring programs educate children on the importance of sports and teamwork, they still require the basic math, science, and language art skills that only an educational institution can provide. Due to the pricing of education in Haiti, many children and their families cannot afford to attend school; something Osners Foundation hopes to change. Your contribution will go towards ensuring that a child is placed in a classroom where they will be provided with the necessary tools for success.

By making a contribution, Osner’s Foundation can continue to educate children on the importance of sportsmanship, competitiveness, and establishing a foundation for one’s values. Give us a call at 516.584.8039 for additional information or if you would like to contribute.