health & wellness

Did you know that the infant mortality rate in Haiti is 55 per 1000 births?

In addition to this, the prevalence of moderate to severe stunting is 22% (UNICEF 2015).

It’s safe to say that poor health and malnutrition plays a large role in these unfortunate statistics as many citizens are not able to receive the proper medical care. This strongly applies to the children of Haiti who, due to their relatively weaker immune systems, are more susceptible to disease and illness, thus making their need for suitable healthcare indispensable.

Within our orphanage, maintaining the health and wellness of our children is one our main priorities, providing them with the necessary medical care to sustain natural growth and development. In order to secure our future, we must first secure our children, and that can only be accomplished by allowing them to develop in a safe, nurturing, and healthy environment.

Your contribution will go towards providing medicine, nurses, and doctors to ensure that if a child falls ill, someone is there to treat him/her so they can continue to grow and become an asset to society. The children of Haiti deserve to have healthcare available and with your assistance we can make that goal a realty.

In addition to medical care, food and nutrition are also important factors in maintaining the health and wellness of children. Your contribution to Osners will help with providing nutritious sustenance, making sure that every child under our care goes to bed with a nourishing meal in their stomach.