helping the people of haiti

At Osners, we believe that as human beings we are all one family and must support each other if we are to truly prosper.

That’s why our foundation has dedicated a large amount of resources to helping the less fortunate in poverty-stricken areas of Haiti.

By improving the lives of those who have fallen on hard times, we can inspire others to do the same, while making the world a better place.

Over the past several years, board members from Osners Foundation have made countless trips to Haiti to personally deliver fresh food and water to those that don’t have access to it themselves. By doing so, we are slowly but surely breathing new life into a nation that has been devastated by tragedy on more than one occasion.

Haiti is a beautiful country with a beautiful population of people, all who deserve the same luxuries that many of us possess. No child should ever have to go sleep hungry, no parent should have to decide which child to feed, and no one should ever have to drink water concerned if it will make them ill. These are all issues that are very real but fixable with a little faith and assistance from the more fortunate.

As much as we love to contribute, our job is rendered impossible without your assistance. Resources like food, water, medical supplies and equipment all cost money and people to help distribute them. In the near future Osners Foundation plans to host various food and medical drives throughout the year, to help the people of Haiti on a regular basis. With your help, whether through donations or volunteering, Osners foundation can continue to provide Haiti and its people with the resources, love, and support they need.