Orphans in Haiti

According to the statistics from the World Bank Report, approximately 400,000 children are without parents in the nation of Haiti.

This leaves many children without a source of guidance in their lives, which can lead to a life of crime and poverty.

As a non-profit organization, it is our responsibility to protect to lives of orphaned and impoverished children throughout the nation of Haiti. At Osners Foundation, we aim to accomplish this goal through various means. This includes providing them with food, shelter, and an environment that will enable them to develop with a positive outlook.

Protecting the orphaned children of Haiti begins with providing them with a stable environment to safely learn and mature. This is accomplished through the use of our fully-functional orphanage. The Osners Foundation Orphanage is an establishment that prides itself on being a home for orphaned children, not just a place to stay. Helping our orphanage run are guardians and instructors, trained in teaching and nurturing children.

By providing children with their basic necessities like food, shelter, collaboration with their peers, and a formal education, we aim to change the way these young children view the world and those around them. This will assist them in preparing for adulthood and passing what they’ve learned onto the next generation. Our Orphanage is a community and first and foremost, where a child can interact with others, learn the importance of education, and remain shielded from the danger of exposure to disease and illness.

Any contribution you make will go towards the general operating costs associated with running the orphanage. That includes utilities, supplies, food, and instruction. In addition to operating expenses, those looking to donate on a personal level are welcome to volunteer to their services on-site. At Osners Foundation, we believe that the key to self-sufficiency is love, care, and support. With the help of our orphanage and your contribution, we can make the goal of a brighter future a reality.