Extra-curricular activities like sports should be a large part of everyone’s childhood, as they help contribute to one’s social skills.

They teach discipline, values, leadership skills, and how to work with others to accomplish a shared goal; all things essential to success in adulthood.

Soccer is Haiti’s most popular activity but unfortunately many children are not properly educated on its techniques or how it’s played. That’s where Osners Athletic academy steps in.

Contrary to a traditional school our Athletic Academy is comprised of a tutoring program, which puts an emphasis on soccer. Lectures are composed of the fundamentals and history of the sport, while training is where children are actively taught its skills and techniques. This is aimed to improve their sportsmanship, competiveness, and overall abilities in both sports and life.

Our job doesn’t end with education as we also host activities for the children to prepare for tournaments. This creates a sense of community by allowing children to come together, establish friendships, and provide them with a sense of belonging and purpose. All of these factors play into their confidence and self-esteem; two things that are necessary if they are to be self-sufficient once they come of age.

Unlike the orphanage, the Athletic Academy is not exclusive and parents can enroll their children for a small monetary contribution. At Osners Foundation we believe that a child’s life should be enjoyed outside with their peers, and that using soccer is a great way of making sure that they keep their innocence in a world that forces them to grow up so quickly.